About BCBA

Hard work beats Talent when Talent doesn't work Hard!

The Beach City Basketball Academy's training and private lessons are held in multiple areas throughout Southern California, including the South Bay and Long Beach areas. Our coaches have the skills and knowledge to help young athletes become great shooters. There's always a place on the court for a shooter.

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Shooting Instruction

Our coaches are experts and understand the mechanics of shooting technique.

Free throws, mid-range jumpers and three-point shots along with shooting off the move, off the dribble, and stationary shots as well. Much of shooting is rythm, balance and technique. Our team will teach and show how this is done.

Improve Your Skills

Our programs offer training in numerous skill sets:

  • passing
  • dribbling
  • ball handling
  • defense
  • quickness and agility
  • teamwork
  • and more...

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